Architectural Assistant

Trade Course :Architectural Assistant

Duration: 1yr.

Skills acquired:

  • Lettering – basics, vertical and inclined, forms and Importance of lettering
  • Orthographic projection of furniture – table, chair,
  • Simple plan of room and furniture layout
  • Isometric projection
  • Symbolic representation of architectural materials, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical fittings and wiring symbols
  • Reducing and enlargement of drawing
  • Perspective Projection
  • Sciography of buildings
  • Designing of Texture
  • Showing arrangement of bricks
  • Drawing details of stone masonry
  • Drawing different types of foundation, footing, piles,
  • Drawing details of brick, stone, wooden and steel stairs.
  • Drawings of carpentry joints:
  • Detailed drawing of doors, windows and ventilators and curtain walls.
  • Detailed drawing of different roofs and roof covering
  • Detailed drawing of single storied residential house
  • Preparation of drawing with plumbing and sewerage
  • Drawing details of RCC members.
  • Preparation of drawing of a 3-storied residential building with electrical and mechanical services.
  • Preparation of estimate for residential buildings.
  • Writing of specifications of a small building.
  • Interior designing of a residential building.
  • Architectural Model making – drawing of reduced to actual scale of model.
  • Elementary command of AutoCAD.
  • Free hand working practice on AutoCAD
  • Creating a building plan in AutoCAD

Contact Details

Hazrat Omar Bin Khattab Industrial Training Center : NH-11, Near Sabalpura, Sikar (Rajasthan) INDIA PIN-332001